S&S Sales and Leasing and Locomotive Dismantle

S&S Sales and Leasing is often involved in Locomotive Dismantle projects.  We would like to be your go to company when you have a locomotive needing dismantle.  We will send a representative to your location, evaluate your project and determine the best course of action.   

We harvest all working components out of all our dismantle projects: Locomotive Prime Mover, Auxiliary Generators, Wheel Sets, Air Compressors, Control Stands, Load Regulators, Main Generators, Traction Motors, and all other working locomotive parts.  We then send those components to our locomotive shop to inspect and repair if needed and onto our valued customers.  

S&S is quick, efficient and cost effective.  We always leave the dismantle site clean and clear of all debris.  

  • Contact Steve Flanders if you would like one of our professional team members to evaluate your dismantle project.
  • 801-589-4793