S&S Sales and Leasing is a reputable company with the knowledge and experience you can trust when you are looking for a Used Locomotive for sale and Used Locomotive Parts for sale.  We offer RTO, Rebuildable Cores, and Outright purchase on our inventory of locomotive components.  Below is some of our inventory.  Give us a call and let us help you find the locomotive or locomotive part you are looking for.  Our inventory always includes Prime Movers, Main Generators, Auxiliary Generators, Wheel Sets, Traction Motors and many other vital component to keep your railroad moving!  Call our professional staff today! 

Locomotive Qualification Projects

S&S Sales and Leasing has a great Qualification Program to get locomotives back on the rails working for our customers.  We begin the process with locomotives that need a bit of work, by identifying the repair list.  These repairs are made in a shop environment and then tested when complete.  

Once the work scope has been completed, the locomotive is moved into an environmentally controlled paint booth for a fresh coat of paint.  Each locomotive qualification job, depending upon our client, gets a paint scheme that is presented as an idea on paper, then painted to the locomotive design that fits the locomotive job.  All of S&S locomotive leases are painted in a green and white paint scheme.  While a locomotive sale is painted in the customer railroad paint scheme.

When the locomotive has completed the new paint, it is then tested and sent out on the Class 1 railroads to arrive at its working destination.  

On this page, you will see some of the projects we have completed.  This is a new section of our website, so we will upload these projects as they are completed. 

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