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Kim Hot Start

Locomotive Kim Hot Start - New condition - Water Only

The HOTSTART CRS is an electric idle reduction system that maintains the temperature of the prime mover above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping the locomotive war manx ready to restart. Shutting down an idling locomotive reduces fuel consumption,, oil consumption, emissions, noise, engine wear and wet-stacking, A text display screen allows operators to adjust and monitor water temperature and other vital system settings. The CRS is a complete, packaged water heating system with thermocouples, pump and all required controls.

The CRS was developed to pre-heat locomotive prime movers as well as diesel and gas engines for stationary land power, marine, large mining and construction equipment.

Heating Fluid : Water/Coolant
Power: 12, 18 and 24kW
Rated Voltage: 208, 240, 480, 575V 380, 400, 415V, 240V
Tank Materials: Steel
T-Start, coolant: Adj. 60 Degrees - 160 degrees
Hi-Limit Cutout: 200 Degrees

Continuous flow monitoring
24VDC Relay for auto ON/OFF
Auxiliary contacts for remote monitoring
CE Compliant to LVD
Optional E-Stop Connection
Fluid Capacity: 0.8 gl
Pump Power: 1HP 50/60Hz
Flow: 400 GPM @ 40Ft head (9m3/hr @ 1.2 bar)
Max Pressure: 125PSI
Pressure Loss: 5PSI
Pressure Relief: 90PSI
Ingress Protection: IP54, NEMA 12&13
Inlet/Outlet: 1.25" NPT inlet, 1" NPT Outlet

Height - 39.0"
Width - 20.0"
Depth - 10.7"
Weight - 158 lbs

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