S&S Sales and Leasing is a reputable company with the knowledge and experience you can trust when you are looking for a Used Locomotive for sale and Used Locomotive Parts for sale.  We offer RTO, Rebuildable Cores, and Outright purchase on our inventory of locomotive components.  Below is some of our inventory.  Give us a call and let us help you find the locomotive or locomotive part you are looking for.  Our inventory always includes Prime Movers, Main Generators, Auxiliary Generators, Wheel Sets, Traction Motors and many other vital component to keep your railroad moving!  Call our professional staff today! 

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GG20B Generation-4 Hybrid Locomotive For Sale

GG20B Generation-4 Hybrid Locomotive Only 228 actual hours on this locomotive. This locomotive is in brand new condition. Locomotive Specifications Manufacturer: Railpower Control Stand: STD Air Compressor: Airplus Rotocomp Dynamic Brakes: N/A

SD40T-2 Locomotive For Sale

SD40T-2 Locomotive for sale. Locomotive Specifications Manufacturer: EMD Year Built/Rebuilt Road Number: 119 Engine Model: 16-645 E3 Horsepower: 3000 Main Generator – Alternator: AR10 Auxiliary Generator – Aux Gen Control Stand: AAR Air Compressor: 3 Cylinder WBO Dynamic Brakes:...

GP18 Locomotive For Sale

Very nice GP9 just removed from service on a class 3 railroad. Well maintained with very thick wheels. Current blue card, priced to move.

Locomotive 3 Chime Air Horns For Sale

Nathan and Leslie 3 chime locomotive air horn.

Side Bearing Wear Plate For Sale

Side Bearing Wear Plate

Locomotive Rerailers For Sale

Burlington rerailers available.

Isolation Switch for Sale

EMD Isolation switch part 8433191

Automatic Brake Handles For Sale

Automatic brake candles available. Take-outs.

Traction Motor Brushes For Sale

Traction motor brushes available for immediate shipment Manufacturer: National For EMD Part No. 9578681 Part No. 9322058

763 Traction Motors For Sale – SOLD

763 Traction Motors have been rebuilt, rewound armatures, new commutators, new fields coils, and new inter poles.

8-567 C Prime Mover For Sale

8-567C Prime Mover has been re-qualified. Available for UTEX or outright sale.

731 Traction Motor Pinions For Sale

731 Pinions available, good condition. Ready for immediate shipment.

SD50 Cards For Sale

SD50 Cards RTO available for immediate shipment.

Main Generators For Sale

RTO – Requalified and Rebuilt With Warranty – Available for UTEX or outright sale. AR10 Main Generator D4 Main Generator D12 Main Generator D15 Main Generator D32 Main Generator D32E Main Generator D32P Main Generator

DASH 2 Cards For Sale

Large selection of Dash 2 cards available over 200 in inventory RTO and rebuilt cards available. Below is a list of cards currently available. AN112 AN12 AN17 BC101 CM100 DE107 DE12 DG10 DG12 DP112 DP12 DR114 DR20 EL100 EL11 EN103 EP11 FM105 GC104 GV12 GX2 LC123 LMC MS102 ...

AAR Control Stand For Sale

AAR Control Stand just removed from operating locomotives, in very good shape. Controller and air equipment also available.

EC1 Dash 2 Card For Sale

EC1 Dash 2 Card Rebuilt, available for immediate shipment UTEX only.

D77E Combos and D77E Traction Motor For Sale

65/12 Gear Ratio RTO Motors with Core Wheel Sets Guaranteed EOK We can rebuild or requalify as per customer requirements

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