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Let S&S take away the stress of locating your locomotive parts

Sometimes the most difficult component to find as a customer can be mind numbing and stressful to locate. As you probably already know S&S Sales and Leasing stocks many EMD traction motors, generators, auxiliary generators, fans, etc. for immediate shipment. We also supply GE traction motors and generators as well. Everyone is familiar with the most commonly used GE traction motors model 5GE752E8/AF/AG etc. We can most definitely supply those model of GE traction motors. But if your parts needs are for your GE industrial size center cab switcher locomotive or diesel electric rail cranes. We also can supply GE traction motor  models such as: 5GE733, 5GE763, 5GE741, 5GE747, 5GE761,  5GE764, 5GHM838, and 5GHM833. In addition S&S Sales and Leasing can supply generators for your GE industrial locomotive. Some of the models we can supply are 5GT1503X1/S1, 5GT1519A1/D1, 5GT558J1, 5GT569B1, 5GT581, 5GT584, 5GT586, 5GT598. We can even supply the most difficult gear boxes, wheel sets, and switch gear for these center cab locomotives. So please don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements. Chances are we will have what you are looking for, even the most difficult part or component.


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