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S&S Sales and Leasing - locomotive components, sales and service

Efficiency, reliability, and cost effectiveness are concepts that we use to guide us at S&S Sales and Leasing when it comes to providing our customers with the best locomotive equipment, on-site repair service, and locomotive parts. We understand as an end user our selves, that railroads and industrial locomotive owner/operators are searching for the most efficient, reliable, and cost effective ways to maintain and or replace your locomotive rolling stock. Excessive down time can have several culprits such as a locomotive lacking in proper maintenance, locomotive past its' prime for rebuild or replacement, improperly trained operators, and I can go on with the list. But the good new is we at S&S Sales and Leasing can not only provide the high quality locomotives, and rebuilt locomotive parts. We can, in most cases reduce your downtime and costs by providing on-site repair and preventative maintenance services.  Along with our superb on-site services S&S Sales and Leasing has in stock high quality new and rebuilt component parts such as traction motors, generators, auxiliary generators, fans, diesel engines, diesel engine components, air brake valves, wheel sets, truck assemblies, cab and carbody parts. In addition, when replacing your locomotive, we can most importantly advise you of the correct size and type of locomotive to fit your unique rail operation requirements. Also to provide the correct and high quality components that are essential to your locomotive's continued efficient operation.  We at S&S Sales and Leasing strive to do our best by satisfying your operating and maintenance needs and becoming your most reliable supplier. We appreciate an opportunities to be of service.   
Some GE & EMD Locomotive Parts that we supply are:
Rebuilt Traction motors: D27 – D87, 5GE752E8, AF, AG, 5GE763, 5GE761A/D, 5GE733, 5GHM838, 5GHM833, 5GHM843
Rebuilt Traction Generators: D4D, D15, D25, D22, D32, D32P, AR10, AR15, 5GT1519A/D, 5GT558J1/3, 5GT569B1, 5GT552/553, 5GT581, 5GT586, 5GT598
Rebuilt Auxiliary Generators: 10KW, 14KW, 18KW AC/DC, 5GMG139, 5GMG146, 5GY27L/M,
Rebuilt Dynamic Brake Fan Assemblies: 18HP & 36HP, 5GY19
Rebuilt Engine Cooling Fans: 48" & 36" diameter
Rebuilt and Qualified Diesel Engines: 6,8,12,&16 cylinder 645 & 567 models, etc.
New & Rebuilt Diesel Engine Parts: HLP's, Power Assemblies, Cylinder Heads, Cylinder Liners, Bearings, Crankshafts, Camshafts, etc.
New mount and reprofiles wheel sets: Hyatt, Class F, Class GG
Rebuilt Air Brake Valves: 26L, 26NL, 24RL, 14EL, 6BL, etc.
Rebuilt Air Compressors: WXO, WBO, WBG, WXG, 3CDC, etc.
New and Remanufactured Module Cards (GE & EMD)
New and remanufactured Switch Gear & Controllers: Power Contactors, Magnetic Reversing Switches, Wheel Slip Relays, Charging Rectifiers, etc.
Misc. Drive Components: Air Compressor Drive Shafts, Sheaves, Couplings, etc.


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