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S&S Sales and Leasing Opening a New Warehouse

Something very exciting is happen at out Utah location, we are relocating our warehouse to a new location, we are expanding our inventory to better serve our customers, this new warehouse is 14,000 SF of space, climate controlled.. 

We will have on site all the materials you may need to keep you locomotives up and running to include D12, D15, D22 ,D32, D32P generators and AR 10 and AR 15 alternators, we also have a large supply of Traction motors to include D57, D67, D77, D78, D87 and D87B traction Motor..We also have a large inventor of electrical locomotive components to include Dash 2 cards and relays along with a large supply of rebuilt starters for your EMD locomotives..
We stock some GE locomotive components to include 752 AG , 752 E8 and 752 E6 traction Motors, very good RTO GE wheel sets with 74 and 83 tooth bull gears..GE 7FDL water pumps rebuilt and RTO..
Locomotive Glass is also in stock ready to ship..
We have over 10,000 parts in stock and growing..
We are very excited to bring this added service to our customer.


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