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S&S Sales and Leasing seeking additional Locomotive Parts for our inventory!

Let S&S Sales and Leasing purchase from you!!!

We are always looking to purchase inventory - We are currently looking for the following

Components for EMD Locomotives:

18KW AC Auxiliary Generators
18KW DC Auxiliary Generators
D12 Main Generator
D32 Main Generator
AR10 Main Generator
D77 Traction Motor 
D78 Traction Motor
D77 Traction Motor Combo
D78 Traction Motor Combo
3 Cylinder WBO Air Compressor
3 Cylinder WXO Air Compressor
Components for GE Locomotives
752 E8 Traction Motors
EMD Locomotives
SW1200 Locomotive
GP38 Locomotive
GP40-2 Locomotive
GP9 RM Locomotive
Contact S&S Sales and Leasing today we will look at your excess inventory


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