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SD40 Locomotive for sale

Hi everyone!  We have a nice SD40 Locomotive available for Sale

SD40 Unit #5004
16-645 E3 Locomotive Prime Mover - Engine
3000 Horse Power
AR10 Locomotive Main Generator
18KW Locomotive Auxiliary Generator
AAR Locomotive Control Stand
3 Cylinder WBO Locomotive Compressor
D77 Traction Motor
Equipped with Dynamic Brakes
Good Electrical Cabinet
Electric Heaters
26 Air
Full Alignment Couplers
FRA Glazing
Ditch Lights
MU Able
Check out the full listing with pictures on our site listed under SD40 Locomotive for Sale!
S&S Sales and Leasing has a number of SD40-2 Locomotives that are coming in off lease shortly contact me if you are looking for a SD40-2


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