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SW1500 Switcher Locomotive Available

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SW1500 Switcher Locomotive Available for Lease

*S&S Sales and Leasing currently has many SW1500 Switcher Locomotives available, with special lease rates

This locomotive is sure to meet all of you switching needs!

Special Low Lease Rates Available
1500 Horse Power
D77 or Better Traction Motors
18KW Aux Gen

Call one of our sales professionals and let us work for you!

More information can be found on our website


S&S also has a large warehouse full of rebuilt and take out, core components, on the shelf, ready to ship. Let us earn your business, offering quick component quoting, with competitive pricing, and great customer service! Call today!

Contactors - Traction Motors
Relays - Generators
Starters - Couplers

And Much Much More!!! 801-451-2796



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