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S&S Sales and Leasing is excited to be expanding our Warehouse!!  With our larger climate controlled facility we will have inventory a much larger variety of locomotive components.  Our goal is to be one stop shop for all your railroading needs.  We are aggressively looking for locomotives to dismantle to allow us to add to our component inventory.  Most recently our dismantles have included SD45-2 EMD Locomotives, EMD NW2 Locomotive, GE 80 Ton Locomotives  and B36-7 GE Locomotives.
Now Available
EMD AR10 Main Generators
EMD D4 Main Generator
EMD D8 Main Generator
EMD D12 Main Generators
EMD D15 Main Generators
EMD AR15 Main Generators
EMD D22 Main Generators
EMD D25 Main Generators
EMD D32P Main Generator
EMD D57 Traction Motor
EMD D77 Traction Motor
EMD D78 Traction Motor
EMD D77E Traction Motor
EMD D79 Traction Motor
EMD 10KW Auxiliary Generator
EMD 14KW Auxiliary Generator
EMD 18KW AC Auxiliary Generator
EMD 18KW DC Auxiliary Generator
Locomotive Cooling Fans and Locomotive DB Fans
Locomotive Seats - Very Good Condition
Full Alignment Couplers
GE Wheel Sets - 2" to 2 1/2"
EMD Hyatt Wheel Sets - Cores and New Mounts
EMD F Bearing Switcher Wheel Sets - New Mounts
This is to list just a few - we have much, much more - Please contact S&S Sales and Leasing if you are looking for components.  Also, contact S&S Sales and Leasing if you are interested in selling your excess inventory.


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